There are many ways to support the ministry of UKirk


Pray for our ministry

Not only are our students hard at work as people of faith, they are also facing many other challenges in life. Studies, being away from home, new friends, internships… a life in transition. Our students need prayer from caring faith communities so they might thrive in their own gathered community at UKirk.


Get involved

Our students love getting to know you! We hope you would like to know them as well. Some good ways for you to do this are; invite us to work alongside your church’s mission and outreach activities, provide a meal for our weekly gatherings, or do something fun with us (kickball tournaments are really exciting)!


Financial Support

As our ministries grow at our current campuses, and we prayerfully expand to other college campuses in the Atlanta area, financial resources are needed to aid that growth. We hope your congregation or worshiping community can generously support the mission of UKirk Atlanta. Donate today